Easily filter your cash flow

See only revenues on Axialize

How to see exactly what you need?

Axialize has some top filters that let you customize your vision of the cashflow. It’s really important for such a tool to let you focus on a precise dashboard. See in red what’s going wrong, filter by revenues so that you only see the sales cycle, see all the revenues from a single client during a specific period…


Axialize views options are:

  • See only the sales cycle (not the costs)
  • Search in labels and notes
  • Filter on the period (forecasting)

You can mix filters and more views are coming soon…

Moreover, Axailize calculates the sum of each column (month by month and total). This lets you see immediately how much cash is out, needs to be signed or invoiced. All these features let you really improve your cash flow.

Check out all the filtering features from app.axialize.com

Where is my cash flow?

Cashflow managed with AxializeDo you know if you’ll be cash flow positive next month? How easily?

Businesses often start with a spreadsheet, where you just figure if your plan sounds realistic or not. Every day the plan will change. Every day, cash in / cash out amounts get updated. You need more than a spreadsheet.

Cash in, revenues come usually from Sales. CRM tools let you follow your contacts and deals / opportunities / pipeline. And there are some great CRM tools, depending on your needs (Salesforce, Pipedrive, Highrise, Microsoft Dynamics…).

A CRM goes from the start of the sales cycle (just a feeling that you could sell something, let’s say $5k), to a first proposal / quote, and close (win or lose). This is the tool for the Sales Cycle, but this doesn’t end when signed. It ends when you get paid. Some CRMs let you have a certain idea of the future with forecasting features.

Then you have to order / invoice / deliver. Online invoicing software or accounting softwares like freshbooks, quickbooks, or xero can help. Same for ERP like SAP, Sage, Microsoft, OpenERP, MYERP… are useful for managing resources and let you check if that invoice has been paid or not.

Depending on the country and accounting rules, another accounting tool will be needed, maybe managed by your bookkeeper…

And then are expenses. Expense management software, sometimes included in accounting software, or an ERP, lets you follow your costs. Who do you have to pay? When?

Ok, so with all these tools, you can do it. But…

Lots of tools that really drive your company…

But what about one of the most import indicator for your business : Your CASH FLOW. What’s the balance? Do you have money? Will you have enough money in the future? Are you “cash flow positive” this month? Why? Why not? How to solve this? What if I win this deal but not that one? Maybe I can postpone this expense, let’s call the supplier…

Good, cash is ok for the 3 next months!

What if…

… you could drag and drop your cash (revenues and expenses),

… you could have your sales cycle and your costs on a single screen

…and what if your cash balance was updated automatically?

This is what Axialize does.

See if Axialize fits your everyday business needs on a 30-day free trial!