Easily filter your cash flow

See only revenues on Axialize

How to see exactly what you need?

Axialize has some top filters that let you customize your vision of the cashflow. It’s really important for such a tool to let you focus on a precise dashboard. See in red what’s going wrong, filter by revenues so that you only see the sales cycle, see all the revenues from a single client during a specific period…


Axialize views options are:

  • See only the sales cycle (not the costs)
  • Search in labels and notes
  • Filter on the period (forecasting)

You can mix filters and more views are coming soon…

Moreover, Axailize calculates the sum of each column (month by month and total). This lets you see immediately how much cash is out, needs to be signed or invoiced. All these features let you really improve your cash flow.

Check out all the filtering features from app.axialize.com